How much have taxi fares increased at European airports The cost from Athens airport

How much have taxi fares increased at European airports | The cost from Athens airport

The price for airport taxis has skyrocketed in Europe over the past year. According to a survey by, travellers are paying on average 10% more for a taxi from the airport to the centre of the nearest major city.

The price increase is another setback for travellers who are already faced with more expensive airline tickets, accommodation and car rentals. – the largest airport information website in Benelux – compares taxi fares at the 50 busiest European airports every year.

On average, a taxi to the city centre cost 45 euros this summer.
The price has risen sharply, especially in Munich, which last year cost 75 euros and this year 95 euros.

In Turkey, taxi fares have doubled. But due to the huge devaluation of the Turkish lira, travellers from the euro zone are paying less than before.

According to the survey, the most expensive taxi is at Stansted airport in London, at €118.
But this airport is almost four times as far from the heart of the English capital as Schiphol’s distance from the centre of Amsterdam, where the fare is 55 euros.

The cost of a taxi from Athens airport to the city centre

Athens airport, however, is one of the cheapest (23rd on the list of 50 airports), with the cost at €40 – up from €35 before the recent increase – to the city centre (€1.18 per kilometre).
The price for a double fare from the airport to the city centre is 55 euros.

The highest price per kilometre at airports

  • Geneva, Switzerland (6.83 euros).
  • Nice, France (4.57 euros).
  • Zurich, Switzerland (4.25 euros).
  • Copenhagen, Denmark (4 euros).
  • Venice, Italy (3,46 euro).

The 10 most expensive airports in Europe for taxis

  • Stansted, London – United Kingdom (118 euros).
  • Luton, London – UK (112 euros).
  • Malpensa Airport , Milan – Italy (110 euros).
  • Gatwick, London – UK (107 euros).
  • Munich – Germany (95 euros).
  • Oslo – Norway (91 euros).
  • Heathrow, London – United Kingdom (83 euros).
  • Arlanda, Stockholm – Sweden (60 euros).
  • Charles de Gaulle Airport , Paris – France (58 euros).

The 10 cheapest airports in Europe for taxis

  • Antalya – Turkey (5 euros).
  • Adnan Menderes, Izmir – Turkey (7 euros).
  • Warsaw Airport – Poland (11 euros).
  • Esenboga, Ankara – Turkey (12 euros).
  • Henri Coanda, Bucharest – Romania (12 euros).
  • Lisbon Airport – Portugal (EUR 15).
  • Palma Airport – Spain (20 euros).
  • Budapest Airport – Hungary (25 euro).
  • Porto Airport – Portugal (25 euro).
  • Alicante Airport – Spain (25 euro).

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