Huge increase in Spanish travellers recorded by “Macedonia” airport

Thessaloniki: Huge increase in Spanish travellers recorded by “Macedonia” airport

The number is approaching 10,000 according to Voula Patoulidou

The number of Spanish travellers who arrived last year at Thessaloniki’s Macedonia Airport increased by more than 1,240% compared to 2022, approaching 10,000, according to Voula Patoulidou, vice-regional governor of Thessaloniki and president of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organisation (TTO).

In fact, she added, this increase was “by far the largest ever for any Greek destination”. Patoulidou’s statements were made on the occasion of the reception in Thessaloniki, by the OTT, in cooperation with the Spanish EOT Office, of contributors to the show Madrileños por el Mundo (Madrileños por el Mundo).

This is a special travel show, broadcast on the public channel “Telemadrid”, which highlights areas around the world where Madrilenos live, through their own eyes and personal experiences. The interviewees explain their reasons for moving, present the cities where they live and share with the audience the most interesting aspects of their daily lives.

Executives from the Thessaloniki Tourism Organisation, together with the Madrid residents Sylvia, Alba, Maria and Giyemo, took the show’s host, Beatriz Vigil, on a tour of the city’s major attractions, enjoyed the city’s entertainment and tasted the city’s representative gastronomic offerings.

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