Increases in the price list of taxis – 25 euro fare for the airport “Macedonia”

More accurately will pay the taxi ride Thessaloniki residents, as well as the rest of the citizens of the country, according to an announcement of the Taxi Drivers’ Union of Attica in which it speaks of an agreement with the Ministry of Transport for increases in the prices of fares.

In its statement, SATA said that after a meeting of the union’s presidency with representatives of the Ministry of Transport, it was agreed to set a new price list, in order to provide financial relief to taxi drivers from the rapid increase in the price of fuel. The new Thessaloniki airport taxi prices are expected to be introduced with the publication of the Official Gazette, and it is reported that there may be some minor changes.

thessaloniki airport taxi

It should be noted that, according to the SATA announcement, the charge per kilometre increases from 0.68 euros to 0.90 euros (for example 1.1 euros more for a 5-kilometre ride), while the fare from the centre of Thessaloniki to Macedonia airport increases to 25 euros, up from 20 euros so far. The night fare is increased to 32 euros, up from 28 euros today.

Commenting on the impending increase in fares, the president of the Association of Taxi Owners of Thessaloniki, Clement Leontiadis, told that there have been for some time relevant discussions with the relevant ministry. “The price of oil makes everything difficult. We had to make this increase to cover part of our expenses. The price of oil has reached 2.10 and 2.20 and this price rise comes a little to help the financial situation of motorists somewhat,” Leontiadis said.

In a question of on whether the increase in fares, in the midst of crisis and accuracy, can boomerang for taxi owners, reducing even more the already fallen traffic, the president of the Association of Taxi Owners of Thessaloniki replied.

Mr Leontiadis recalled that the price of 0.68/km currently charged has been in place since 2008. “It has been 14 years that price. There had to be two other increases that didn’t happen and so, after the explosive rise in fuel prices, there will now be this increase,” he noted.


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