Paros airport: The tender for its upgrade is moving forward

The cost of the project is €46.2 million including VAT (€37.26 million excluding VAT). The works include, among other things, a new control tower.

As ypodomes .com had reported, the project to develop new and improve existing infrastructure of the new Paros airport had gone out to tender, as you had. The airport on the Cycladic island has had an impressive track record (until the pandemic) and although there had been an upgrade contractor and some building work, it was deemed necessary to further upgrade it to meet its ever-increasing needs.

The cost of the project amounts to €46.2 million including VAT (€37.26 million excluding VAT). The tender for the project and the opening of tenders took place on 5 July. The contracting authority is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The works include a new control tower.

The duration of the project was set at 30 months from the date of signature of the construction contract. Essentially, if the project starts in the first half of 2022 then it can be completed before the summer season of 2025.

The project is co-financed following the inclusion of the Act “Development and improvement of infrastructure of the new Paros airport” in the Operational Programme “Y.M.P.E.A.A. 2014 – 2020”. The project is also financed from the appropriations of the PDB.

What will be built

Construction of a new terminal building including the required equipment (baggage management system, flight visual announcement system, CUTE system, other electronic equipment, etc.), security guard post, permanent wastewater treatment plant, landscaping.

Also, extension of the aircraft parking floor by 90m to the south and 50m to the north, so that the floor will have dimensions of 340m*130m from 200m*130m today, hydraulic drainage works and E/M installations (lighting, etc.), extension of the runway from 1,400m to 1,799m, configuration of safety and RESA zones, marking, signage and security works.

Finally, the construction of a new control tower (CTC) of 159m² in contact with the new terminal building, transfer of infrastructure from the existing to the new one, transfer of a light signalling station to the new building, dismantling of the cabin of the old control tower and construction of a 563m² fire station.

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