Uber in Santorini in cooperation with taxis

After Thessaloniki, Uber announces the expansion of UberTAXI to the Cycladic island.

The Uber app is now also available in Santorini airport or any other place in the island, with UberTAXI.

UberTAXI has been operating in Athens since 2014, while about a month ago the service started operating in Thessaloniki as well. From today, in cooperation with the taxis of Santorini, the global transportation app is also available in the beautiful “jewel of the Cyclades”.

“We are very pleased to expand our activity in Santorini, so that the island’s taxis can benefit from Uber’s technology. We want to offer reliable and safe transportation to the island’s residents and visitors, contributing to the promotion of the Greek tourism product and its upliftment,” says Uber’s Head of Greece, Sarita Varouh.

Through Uber’s app, citizens and tourists have an affordable and thoroughly reliable option for their travel to the destination of their choice. Quick, easy and safe. In fact, the app not only offers passengers high standards of safety on their journeys, but also taxi drivers, as the vehicles are tracked by GPS and there is a rating system that concerns both the user and the driver. Furthermore,  santorini airport taxi drivers working with Uber benefit from the advantages it offers.

In fact, since the beginning of the pandemic, Uber has made sure that these safety standards are intensified by providing free masks to taxi drivers and compensation to drivers who became ill and were unable to work. Furthermore, applying the technological expertise, it incorporated features in the app such as the necessary confirmation before each ride from both passenger and driver that they are using a mask.

How to access the app

The process to hail a taxi through Uber’s app is very simple. You enter your details in the app, which through GPS automatically identifies your arrival point. So, you pass your destination and select the taxi. The ride request is completed and once the driver accepts it, you are shown the estimated time of arrival of the taxi, the registration number and model of the vehicle and the necessary information about the driver.

How can taxi drivers access the application

Taxi drivers can access the app in 3 simple steps: (1) downloading the Uber Drive app on their mobile or tablet, (2) creating an Uber account, and (3) uploading the required documents showing that they are taxi drivers with a qualified driver’s license. Once the latter is verified, taxi drivers can begin accepting ride requests from any of the 90 million active Uber users around the world who have visited the city with the click of a button.

About Uber:

Starting with a simple idea of moving around town with the push of a button, Uber has become a global technology platform that facilitates 19 million rides a day in more than 700 cities in 66 countries.

Uber’s mission is to create opportunity through movement. We started in 2010 to solve a simple problem: how do we get access to transportation at the touch of a button? Over 15 billion rides later, we’re building products to get people closer to where they want to be. By changing the way people, food and things move around cities, Uber is a platform that opens the world to new possibilities.

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