Uber’s app now available in Mykonos for ridesharing

Uber’s presence in Mykonos is part of the company’s ambitious plan to have every taxi available on its app by 2025. At 120,000 applications worldwide from taxi drivers to join the platform.

Uber’s app is now available in Mykonos with UberTAXI, which has been available in Athens since 2014, in Thessaloniki from 2021 and in Santorini from June 2021.

Through the Uber app, citizens and tourists have an affordable and thoroughly reliable option to get around Mykonos quickly, easily and safely. The app, in fact, offers both passengers and taxi drivers high standards of safety on rides as they can share their exact location.

“We are very happy to open our app in Mykonos. We want to offer reliable and safe transportation to both residents and visitors of the island, contributing to a critical tourist season, which we expect to be particularly strong this year,” commented Sarita Varouh, General Manager of Uber Greece.

Uber Taxi provides a unique experience for passengers during their journey: by entering their destination and selecting a mykonos airport taxi, users can check the estimated time of arrival of the taxi, the registration number, the vehicle model and the necessary information about the driver. On the other hand, drivers can access the app and start receiving requests with the click of a button from any of Uber’s 118 million active, visiting users around the world.

The launch of Uber Taxi in Mykonos is part of Uber’s ambitious goal to have every taxi available on its app by 2025. In 2021 alone, more than 120,000 taxi drivers signed up to drive on Uber’s platform, with a number of European markets seeing triple-digit growth in taxi rides including Greece, Austria, Germany, Spain, Germany and Turkey.

At the same time, through Uber’s partnership with an intermediary company that uses Uber’s technology for direct service delivery, the Comfort service will also be available on the island, providing Mykonos residents and visitors with an additional option for safe and comfortable transportation.

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